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This page shows my collection of cornets, trumpets, flugelhorns and other instruments and equipment. They are out of my private playing collection and my private vintage playing collection. A few are for sale, but since they are a part of my collection, please understand that they are priced at a premium price, which will likely only attract collectors or serious players of quality instruments, and quality vintage instruments. NFS indicates the instrument is not for sale (NFS). Click on the picture of any instrument on which you would like to see more information.

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"There are two sides to a trumpeter's personality:   there is the one that lives only to lay waste to the woodwinds and strings, leaving them lying blue and lifeless along the swath of destruction that is a trumpeter's fury; then there's the dark side...."

--Michael Stewart, DMA

Bb Cornet

Besson Sovereign 927, , SN 927-GS-810XXX, silver at 100%, shepherd's crook, first and third valve triggers, 'M' (medium) bore, I've got it used a few years ago and then ended up with conflicting rehearsals on my brass band rehearsal night so I've only used it once in a group. The slides and valves are tight and smooth. It seems to play better in tune than the other Sovereigns I've played and it has a sound to die for. I has the original case with keys and original documents looks new inside and out. (NFS)

Boston NE Plus Ultra - Two Star, 78XX series serial number, turn of the century, silver plate at 95 percent, removable leadpipe, everything matches. Beautiful Boston sound. Response is great and intonation is right on the money. It could use a shorter leadpipe shank as it is right on modern pitch with the tuning slide completely in. Valves are brass colored, and although not air tight, the horn plays well and I do not feel the valves should be re-done. No case. (NFS)

Boston NE Plus Ultra - Three Star, #1 bore, turn of the century, new silver plate at 100 percent with gold wash in bell, removable leadpipe, everything matches. Beautiful Boston sound and an excellent player. Response is great and intonation is right on the money. The valves are tight and smooth. No case. (NFS)

Conn Connstellation, circa 1960s. This cornet is as near to mint as a cornet can be without it still being on the factory line. I purchased is about 20 years ago from the original owner. I purchased it to replace my old Connstellation which I began playing on, and which I foolishly sold years ago. I have its original case and my original case,which saw me through elementary school, junior high school, and high school. It's a player, but I'm mostly keeping for sentimental reasons. (NFS)

Conn Wonder, SN 966XX. Internet resources indicate this would put the year of manufacture late in 1906. The silver is at 100%. All slides are free and smooth. There is an 'S' on second valve casing which probably indicates small bore. This cornet is in beautiful cosmetic condition. When I purchased this cornet, the owner said the valves were a little loose. However, in my opinion they are very nice the way they are. Of course they aren't as tight as a Monette or a Blackburn, but to me, they are very nice for a vintage horn. The silver loooks original as the engraving, which is just the bell logo, is very sharp. It does feel like there may have been some dent work done on the back bow and there are a couple of small pings that can be observed upon careful observation. There is a nice gold wash in the bell. The drawback to this cornet is there there is no case or accessories, except for the removable leadpipe bit, which is present and is in excellent condition. The silver looks exceptional on the leadpipe bit, so it may have been re-silvered. Since there is no case, no additional decorative engraving, and I got a good deal on it, I'm willing to let this one go for a song. $650.

No picture available at this time.

Courtois, SN 141XX, probably turn of the century, silver plate at 100 percent, removable leadpipe, imported by M. Slater, New York. Both silver and valves are new re-plates. This is almost like a new cornet, with a vintage sound. Unique wooden case, but leather is long gone - not coffin case. The wood on the case needs some repair. Beautiful light and responsive sound. Intonation and response are great. This is an early cornet, and has been completely restored. $1300

Lawler X Body, SN 04XX. ML bore. Gold plate is 100 percent and the cornet looks like new. The convenience of the brief case model is un-matched as it fits snuggly in its thin-line brief case. Wonderful response and control. First line 'e' is slightly sharper than most cornets I've used. The rest of the range is very responsive with excellent pitch. This is one of the best cornets I've ever played and may soon replace my Stomvi as my regular player. (NFS)

Russian Cornet, This is an excellent cornet, whose manufacture is only unknown because I can't read Russian. It is raw brass with a unique conversion system from the finger buttons to the rotary valves. Nice response and well in tune. (NFS)

C Cornet

Sartel, no serial number, turn of the century, silver plate at 98 percent, removable leadpipe. Imported by H. E. McMillin, Cleveland, O. This is a very nice player, and one of my favorite cornets. It looks like it is completely original, with original valves which are very tight. (NFS).

Bb Trumpet

Bach, New York 67, SN 69XX Raw brass. ML bore. This is a great NY Bach, but it has been highly modified. The response is the quickest of my three NYs and intonation is excellent and great sound. This is a very light weight trumpet. It centers very well and just pops the notes out. I don't see any leadpipe problems, but suspect it is a replacement leadpipe. This is a truly great horn, but highly modified - buffed, leadpipe may not be original, Amado water keys on both main tuning slide and 3rd valve slide, 'U' hook added to first valve slide, weights added inside the bottom valve caps. Also, two cracks on the bell rim were repaired by Brass Bow after I got the trumpet. While at Brass Bow it received a precision valve alignment. I was told this trumpet used to belong to Guido Basso, but I don't have any proof of that. In any case, it is a great player that feels just about like my Monette trumpets, but is lighter in weight. $3700

Conn Victor, 6893XX series serial number, green and clear finish is 100 percent. This vintage Conn has the larger bell and plays extremely well. The green and clear non-original finish was applied flawlessly by the artisans at LA Sax in Illinois. This trumpet has a big sound, which seems to have become more focused with the application of the green finish. In short, I find the sound and feel improved with this new finish. I use this trumpet to play with the Original Five Points Wild Irish Band in Columbia, South Carolina, and it was my choice of trumpet to take to Holland on our last trip. (NFS)

Couturier, SN 33XX, 'S' on valve casing appears to mean small bore. The silver is at 100%, but I have neglected polishing it, so it could use some elbow grease. This is a very unique, conical bore trumpet and the kit is complete making this a real collector's find. There are two additional slides and a lyre in the case. The case is also in very good condition. The valves and slide are smooth and they appear to be tight, but because of the structure of the instrument, I cannot check the exact tightness of the valves. $850

Couturier, SN 67XX, 'M' on the valve casing appears to mean medium bore. The silver is at 99% with four small wear spots where the case has rubbed on the valve casing. This is a very unique conical bore trumpet cornet. Unfortunately the kit is not as complete as the small bore kit. This kit only contains one extra slide and a mouthpiece. The case is in very good condition, but there are a few more scuffs on it than the small bore case. Also, the Couturier banner is missing out of this case. It seems like this trumpet was used more than the small bore trumpet above. The valves and slide are smooth and they appear to be tight, but because of the structure of the instrument, I cannot check the exact tightness of the valves. I prefer the feel of this bore, so it is unfortunate that the kit is not complete. $800

King Liberty, 611XX series serial number, silver is at 99 percent plus with gold wash in bell. Brush silver with bright silver plate on the bell logo engraving. Some tarnish, but should polish OK. There is a reason that these are one of the most sought after vintage trumpets, and this is a good example of why. I have very few vintage trumpets in my collection, as most of them just aren't very good. However, this one is a "player" in my opinion. This trumpet has curved bracing and not the more striking angled braces, but it is cosmetically a nice design none-the-less. The valves are tight and all slides move smoothly except the slide insert that I presume changes the trumpet into the key of 'C'. It has a vintage King case in good condition with both exterior and interior wear, but it is not original to this instrument and may not be original to this model either. $650

No picture available at this time.

Monette 2000LT, Silver plate. This is the easiest playing trumpet I own. I use it as my regular playing horn as it is pure pleasure to play. I find the intonation to be excellent. It is a bit brighter then I like, and it is lacking in flexibility, but it is hands-down my top horn. The only way I could have a better horn is if it played itself. I've had this trumpet since it was new in 2000. (NFS)

Monette B-951, Brush gold plate. This trumpet is clearly in competition with my Monette 2000LT. Where the 2000LT leaves off in sound and flexibility, this one takes up. Again, typical to Monettes, the intonation is fantastic and response quick. It takes a bit more work to play than the 2000LT, but when I need a huge, dark sound, this is the horn that provides it. I was very fortunate to purchase this horn from a person who was moving up to an Ajna. I've owned it since 2001. (NFS)

Monette Chicago, Silver plate. This trumpet is an older Monette that was built prior to model specifications. It has a very nice sound that isn't as big as that produced by my other Monettes, but it is clearly as nice. This makes a great back up horn and I enjoy playing it very much. Unfortunately it was in raw brass when I purchased it, and I soon found that I was allergic to brass. Although there was significant evidence that it had a long, hard life, The Monette Company agreed to silver plate it for me and I now find this horn extremely enjoyable to play. It has excellent intonation, and blends well with other trumpets. This was my first Monette, and is still one of the best horns I own. (NFS)

Parker Cashel Crystal Bell, Lacquer with glass bell. I wanted one of these for a long time, but was unhappy with the intonation on the two I had played before. I bought this Cashel used. Chuck Ward (former head engineer for UMI and who designed the Benge Lenore and 90 Series as well as the Vintage One and many other horns) cut the lead pipe at the tuning slide and cut down the tuning slide. His adjustments really did the trick, as this trumpet plays very nicely in tune. (NFS)

Stomvi Master Model Bb, Gold plated with 2 leadpipes and 3 bells.

Stomvi Master Model Bb Trumpet – This is a great deal that I received in trade for another trumpet. Since I rarely play trumpet any more, and when I do I play Monettes, I have no need for this Stomvi. The normal list price for the Master Model in Silver with two bell, two bell back bows and two leadpipes is $4528, with a discounted price around $3799. This Master Model has the added options of gold plating and an extra bell, so I'm guessing the list price would be around $5500 with a discounted price around $4500.

This trumpet is a tuning bell trumpet that gives you the options you need for any situation. It is in near mint condition. I can’t find any flaws, pings, dings or any damage. It looks new. The valves are fast and silky smooth. All slides, especially the first and third kicker and as smooth as any trumpet I’ve tried, including my Monettes. This trumpet has incredible workmanship.

If I was still playing trumpet, this trumpet would be a keeper. I will consider some trades, but since I'm not playing very much, I would prefer a straight sale. Please contact me if you have questions or if you want additional pictures. Thanks. ($3,500)

C Trumpet

Bach/Malone C, Brush gold. This is one of my most recent trumpets. It is very nice and very well in tune. There are plenty of pings and dings on it, but it is a great player. Nice even scale that can go from a light sound to a big driving sound. I like the life the sound has. Not quite as in tune or responsive as my Monette, but still a very nice player. It is an excellent trumpet for all around work. (NFS)

Monette 61 C, Gold plate. This is very nice, but it is naturally a bit darker than what I'm looking for in my ultimate C trumpet. I've added a Prana C2 and it is just right. This is my best in tune C trumpet. It has great response and can really drive through a large group as it has a very solid tonal center. I've also used it in quintets with the same amount of ease. The scale is very even throughout. The gold plated finish has a few missing patches where the Monette factory put new braces on it. It was thoroughly checked by Monette about 4 years ago, and has seen only a few hours of playing since then as I rarely play 'C'. If I have to get the part right the first time, this is the C trumpet that will do it for me every time as the notes really center in well. This is too good of a trumpet to just be sitting around, so it is time for it to go to a new home when the right person is found. $4600

Scherzer, This is perhaps one of my best playing trumpets. It has a huge sound that will drive through almost anything as its core sound is so solid. I purchased this trumpet new, in the 1970s for around $300. I can honestly say that I did not realize the high quality I was getting, and even at that time it was a bargain. (NFS).

Yamaha/Malone, MC1 leadpipe. This, too is an excellent playing trumpet. It is in silver and is in near mint condition. It has a nice full sound with nice drive when needed. Intonation is very nice for a 'C', but I would expect nothing less from a Malone conversion. This trumpet will produce a slightly brighter sound than any of my other C trumpets. I haven't owned a Yamaha product for a long time, but the base instrument is clearly a quality horn with very nice valves. The Malone full conversion makes this a 'C' with a quality that is difficult to match. Over all this is an extremely nice player. However, since I rarely play 'C', I'm willing to let this one go to a new home. This is in near mint condition with 100% silver and no known damage. I can't find any pings, dings or other imperfections in it. However, I've played it outside the house several times, so there is always a chance that there is an unseen ping on it somewhere. This is a full conversion, including the moveable brace on the first valve slide. $2600.

D Trumpet

Bach D (long bell), Silver plate. This is without a doubt one of the best trumpets I own. I find I rarely like anything other than their trumpets made at the New York factory. However, this one, for me, is an absolute top player and one of my favorite horns. I've added a gold kit, decorative finger buttons and I added gold plate to all the valve slides and the main tuning slide. Because I like it so well, I ordered 'C' slides from Bach in hopes it would play close to the same way as a 'C' trumpet. I don't have very high expectations as I have never seen a dual keyed horn play equally well on both sides, but I figured it was worth a try. (NFS)

Eb/D Trumpet

Stomvi Eb/D Elite Model, SN 9455XX. Made in Spain with the same excellent craftsmanship that I found on my Stomvi Master Model cornet. It has additional gold plating. This is a great playing Eb. It also comes with D slides (bell back bow, 1st valve slide, 2nd valve slide and 3rd valve slide), but I have yet to try that side of the horn. The gold plate is at 100% with only a small rough spot on the first valve slide. In addition, it has a sterling silver bell that makes this horn a top player in my book. A friend of mine played it, with the sterling silver bell, and he said it play just the same as his Schilke E3L! (NFS)

Eb Trumpet

York, 1095XX serial number, silver at 100%. A truly unique trumpet. It looks like a miniature trumpet, with basically the same proportions as a full-size Bb. Unique top spring valves that stay compressed when the valves are at rest. When the valve is depressed, the spring expands. First valve trigger. Very nice player! $1200

Other Trumpets

Mirafone, Set of Mirafone F and Eb trumpets. Rotary valve high key trumpets. I purchased these new from the Mirafone distributor in Southern California in the 1970s. The mechanics are great and they both have a nice full sound. The F trumpet does struggle with intonation a bit in the low register. Overall, they are both very nice. $3000

Piccolo Trumpet

Benge, silver piccolo trumpet. This is a very nice piccolo that is about 30 years old. I've owned it since it was new. The intonation is very solid and the sound very centered. Although I like the set up the way it is, I would like to use it with a Blackburn leadpipe to see if I can open up the feel slightly. It is currently at the platers to have gold plate added to the finger buttons, top valve caps, bottom valve caps and leadpipes. New pictures will go up when completed. (NFS).

Multiple Trumpet/Cornet Cases

Wiseman, double case. In my opinion, this is the Cadillac of cases. This is the most protective case I've ever seen. In addition, it is also one of the lightest and best balanced cases I've ever carried. Although it has a premium price tag, it also comes with a true lifetime warantee. I feel it is worth every cent, and I travel with confidence carrying my Monettes in my Wiseman. Trumpets and cornets are suspended above the outer shell of the case. The way it is made, I can't imagine how a trumpet could ever get dented. It is great for airline travel too. Visit the Wiseman Web site for more information on their double trumpet case, trumpet/flugelhorn case, and quad case. In addition, use my discount code of T577, and you'll get a 10% discount, along with giving me a 10% discount on my next Wiseman case. Feel free to contact me if you would like more information on my experiences with my Wiseman case. (NFS).


Hub van Laar, silver. This is one of the best flugelhorns I've ever played. I picked this up from Mr. van Laar personally in the Spring of 2001, in his shop in Holland. I play tested several of his flugelhorns, all of which were excellent. (NFS)

De Prins Gelrs, nickel plate. I really don't know anything abut this flugelhorn and wish the valves were a bit tighter so I could tell exectly what the potential of this instrument is. However, it does seem to have excellent potential. SN 135XX series. It takes a different shank mouthpiece than what I normally use on a flugelhorn so I use an "A. Cortois-Paris CT 4 C" mouthpiece in it and it is an excellent combination. I think this has the potential of being a very nice small bore flugelhorn, but I'll have to clean it and play it a bit more to really determine its potential. It has what appears to be its original case which is strudy, but is in very poor interior and exterior condition with two working latching and one broken latch. The broken latch really needs to be fixed to properly secure the instrument in the case.

Part of the bell engraving reads:

De Prins Gelrs

Thanks to Emile Meuffels for providing the following:

This is made by "De Prins, a Belgian company. "GEBREVETEERD would mean something similar as the BREVETTE on the Besson horns (it actually isn't proper Dutch, but a literal translation of the French)" "GOUDEN MEDALIE proper spelling would be GOUDEN MEDAILLE, but maybe it was different at that time. Translation: Gold Medal."

Additional information was added by Decock Luc:

In 1901 father Petrus De Prins took over a small existing business that cleaned musical instruments and made little repairs to them. Then from period 1903-1908 company notes talk about "De Prins, frères" (French). This is equivalent to "De Prins, Gebroeders" (Flemish/Dutch) or "De Prins, Brothers". Business was done by the 3 sons of the formerly mentioned Petrus : Karel, Gust, Louis (First letters of names may form the 3 script letters).

During WWI (1914-1918) Gustaaf and Louis went to England and acquired more knowledge about manufacture of musical instruments. After WWI the production was restarted with the help of specialists from other factories. The activities were split amongst the 3 brothers :

  • Louis : responsible for brasswinds and percussion
  • Karel : responsible for woodwinds
  • Gustaaf : administration of the business

    At the 1930 World Exposition in Antwerp a "Gold Medal" was received. At the 1935 World Exposition in Brussels a "Groote Prijs" (eq. Big Award) was received. Due to success the business increased and the company started to export instruments to the Philippines, Switzerland, Netherlands, Canada, Luxemburg, USA. Even a store was opened at Leopoldstad within former Belgian

    With WWII (1940-1945) a difficult period started again. Musical activities dropped to zero. After the war another restart followed. At the end of the 40's the 3rd generation came into the business :

  • from 1947 :Herman, son of Karel
  • from 1951 : Raymond : son of Gustaaf

    At the World Exposition of 1958 in Brussels the company presented the first clarinet made in superpolyamide material. But due to increasing international concurrence the business figures decreased.

  • 1967 : Herman sold his part of the company to his cousin Raymond
  • 1980 : Raymond died
  • 1987 : Herman came back into the business; the company was led by his son Bruno.

    Silently the company faded away... only a small "museum of wind instrument manufacture" remains today. It can be visited on request.

    NFS at this time.

  • No picture available at this time.

    Salvationist Trumphonic, 216XX serial number series. Silver plate is about 90%. This one is in really rough shape, but potentionally could turn into a great collector/player with some work. It has the unusual configuration of having the bell on the left side of the valve casing and it takes a trumpet shank flugelhorn mouthpiece. I appears to be a large more flugelhorn. There are a multitude of dents, pings and dings. The leadpipe has a patch and it is bent. The first and second valve slides are stuck, but by pulling the third valve slide, depressing the third valve, closing off the third valve slide and blowing air through the leadpipe, it appears that valve is extremely tight. I assume the others are also tight, but it is an assumption. Two of the top valve caps are stuck and all three of the bottom caps are stuck, but I haven't tried too hard to remove them. Some of the bell engraving has been buffed off, which is a real disapointment, but the rest of the bell engraving, which goes back to the third valve, is nice. This instrument is sold strictly 'as is', but I think it has great potential. The case appears to be vintage, but I'm not sure it is the original case. Both latches working but covered with rust. The handle is broken and the interior is rough. $275

    No picture available at this time.

    Alexander 1103, lacquered, in yellow brass. This horn has a Lawson leadpipe. It is a very freeblowing horn with excellent response and intonation. Several of the braces were popped off when is was sent to me. It is currently at Ken Pope's shop being fixed. $6000

    No picture at this time

    Durk D3, lacquered, in gold brass with a yellow brass bell. The bell has a nickel kranz. I have found that this horn fits me better than any other horn I have played. It is a relatively free blowing horn, but it does not take the amount of air that my Conn 8Ds took. It is a solid horn from top to bottom with excellent intonation and an even, German-style sound. It is extremely responsive, which allows for pianissimo entrances as clean as the player is good. It also allows for a well-centered fortissimo without distortion. Louder passages can go from a full sound with moderate brightness to a sizzling sound with a wonderful core to it. This horn has an interchangeable leadpipe system, and currently has a #2 leadpipe in gold brass. The valves have a mechanical linkage and they are very smooth. NFS

    Reynolds Chambers Model Double, silver plate. This is my new project. It has a lot of pings, dings and dents in it, along with some silver wear. It will go out for an assessment in 2005. It has an awesome sound with the coolest velvety low range. ($1000)

    No picture available at this time

    Scherzer Compensating Double, raw brass. Excellent player in a vintage 50-year old horn. Big, wide open feel with a nice dark German sound. This horn has a lot of color in its sound with a huge dynamic range. Great response throughout the entire register of the horn. Unique change valve. ($2400)

    Alto Saxophone

    Elkhart, gold plated with engraving about anywhere it will fit. It was badly in need of regulating so with a few quick fixes I can now tell that it has a wonderful sound. It has been fully re-padded and regulated and its ready to go. It is difficult to tell who the maker is, but it may have been built by Martin as it has tapered tone holes. However, some people have identified it as having some Conn and Buescher characteristics. It has the original case with it, which is in excellent condition and still containing the original lock keys. $2000

    No picture available at this time.

    Tenor Saxophone

    Yanigisawa T-992, dead mint condition. This is a premier tenor in bronze. The response and touch is unmatched in my book. This is now my only tenor and my regular player. NFS

    No picture available at this time.

    Baritone Saxophone

    Selmer Mark VI,low A, SN 267XXX very nice re-lacquer with the lacquer at 100%. This is an excellent player, even though it is a re-lacquer. It is also one of the heaviest horns I've ever held. They sure made these like a tank, but yet it is so responsive! (NFS)

    No picture available at this time.


    Porsche 914, 1973, 2.0 engine, orange paint with a minimum of rust. Not yet running. Complete except for right front bearing cap. Gas lines need replacing due to age and some of the fuel system has been taken apart. Needs new tires and seat belts should be replaced to make it road worthy. Some minor damage to upholstery. ($5,000)

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